Your Impact Testimonials

With every dollar, you make it possible for people affected by a brain tumour to live longer, better and with hope. 
You make it possible for critical research to advance, trusted education to spread, and compassionate support to continue.
You make it possible to find a cure.

2022 Walk Testimonials

“My dad lost his battle just 10 days before my 7th birthday (1 day after my mom’s 37th birthday). This year marks 30 years without him, so I am walking in memory of him.”
Ashley, Corner Brook

“My brother-in-law Derek fought an 11-month battle with a grade 4 tumor. He was and is still the bravest and most incredible person I’ve ever met. Miss you so much Derek.”
Stephen, Halifax

“I, Charles Grace, was diagnosed with a Grade 2 IDH mutated Astrocytoma in 2021. After experiencing some focal seizures in late May and a couple of trips to the ER a CT scan in late June found the tumour. A right frontal craniotomy followed on August 4th, 2021, where my neurosurgeon was able to remove 99% of the tumour. I am currently undergoing my 6 weeks of radiation (4 treatments left as of this writing) which will be followed by 9 months of PCV chemotherapy. I look forward to partaking in this annual walk for many, many years to come to raise both awareness and funds for this community.”
Charles, Kelowna

“I have had friends impacted by many different cancers (including my own mother but cervical), however my friend’s dad did pass away from GBM a few years ago. Fast forward to last year and I found a beautiful young woman on TikTok and grew so very fond of her and her posts, as she battled through this terrible disease. She and her family and friends started Team Grey Wolf and I’m going in the cause – with the spirit and determination that Alexandra portrayed.”
Amber, Kingston

“Walking in Memory of my Son, Simon, who battled Medulloblastoma for 4 years, his battle ended Dec 24,2021. Also, in memory of Chrissy, a community member who touched me deeply with her kindness and warmth, while going through her own brain tumour journey.”
Samantha, Kitchener-Waterloo

“I am walking in memory of Parnian Hosseinpour, a fellow Young Adult (YA) brain tumour patient who passed away in February 2022. Parnian was a force of nature who gave so much of herself in supporting other YA patients.”
Kaitlyn, Ottawa

“I am walking in memory of my stepdad Dave White who suffered a quick battle with glioblastoma in 2021. I am walking to raise funds and awareness to help other families have a better chance with brain tumours, just like Dave would have wanted.”
Andie, Sudbury

“Walking for my sister-in-law, who is 13 years post diagnosis and still going strong! Amazing, beautiful person! Love her so much!”
Meagan, Vancouver

“I am walking proudly in honor of my incredible mother and Nana, Linda Yurensen. We still have a long and unpredictable journey ahead, but now it’s time to celebrate and experience and do all your bucket list stuff. My hope for you as a daughter is that the time we have together is full of fun, laughter, and heck, even adventure, if we’re feeling crazy. But I also want you to be surrounded by hope, dignity, and peace.”
Alexandria, Victoria

2021 Walk Testimonials

“Being the family member of someone with a brain tumour means you have to watch them struggle everyday with the fact that they are losing the ability to manage simple, everyday tasks that you take for granted. Our family walks for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada because we have lost two beautiful rays of light in our family to this disease. Every effort is needed to raise money for a cure and help those struggling every minute of every day!”
Karen, Belleville

“I’m walking in memory of my beautiful niece, Jennifer, who passed away at the tender age of 28 years old in 2008 from glioblastoma. She fought such a hard battle and never gave up. We, her family, will never give up hope of finding a cure. We walk to honour her memory.”
Anna, Brampton

“I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Schwannoma when I was 19. I had a 14-hour surgery, spent two months in the hospital, and returned to my university studies within a week of my discharge from the hospital. I am now a lawyer at the largest law firm in Canada.”
Zach, Calgary

“Walking in Memory of my father, Wayne, who passed away 29 years ago when I was just six. I’m also walking in Honour of many others in my life who’ve been affected by Brain Tumours.”
Ashley, Corner Brook

“As Naomi kindergarten teacher, I am honoured to have had her light and energy in my class. As a family friend, I now vow to live my life with strength, bravery, and passion, as Naomi did!”
Michelle, Edmonton

“My daughter was diagnosed at the age of six months with a very rare tumor – Desmoplastic Infantile Astrocytoma. She is now 20 years old, in her second year of university and is doing extremely well. We are very blessed, and so thankful!”
Terri, Fredericton

“I walk for many reasons and hope that our efforts can save someone’s loved one. I am walking in memory of my best friend Deanna, whom I miss very much. She was a warrior. Also, in memory of a friend and patient, Ron. For the inspiration of all the survivors, I walk in honour of my survivor mother-in-law, Nicole.”
Shannon, Vancouver

“The Hare Brains walk and raise funds in honour of our father Andy, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in December 2009. In January 2010 he had a seven-hour surgery at the QE11 to remove most of it. He still lives with the remainder. He leads a fairly normal life, only dealing with manageable focal seizures for which he is highly medicated. Our Dad is extremely fortunate. He has lost friends he met through support groups, and we all have been affected by a friend or loved one who lives with or has lost their life due to a brain tumour. Each year we fundraise to raise awareness and hopefully help save lives through ongoing research.”
Allyson, Halifax

“This team is walking in honour of my dad, Bruce, who was diagnosed with stage 4 GBM in November 2020. His strength and positivity have inspired our family every day since his diagnosis, and we want to help out in any way we can to find a cure for this awful disease.”
Caroline, Hamilton

“I’m walking in honour of my dad, who is a brain tumour survivor. His diagnosis and resulting surgeries were massively life changing. Not only did the tumour alter my dad permanently, but it also changed my family. It was a difficult time, and it continues to present challenges to this day. I am proud of my dad for coming so far, and I want to be able to support him and others in my own way, through this walk.”
Nadia, Heart of Georgian Bay

“My father, George, was diagnosed with glioblastoma in January 2021. After a relentless battle he passed at the end of May 2021. The swiftness and severity of this disease has left my family and I stunned with an unfillable hole in our hearts. My dad, a lover of the outdoors, would be so happy that we can do something active outside to support this cause.”
Tessa, Kelowna

“In 2019 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Now fast forward two years, I get the news my tumour has regrown. I am currently recovering from my second brain surgery. We want to raise awareness to stop this disease!”
Katherine, Kitchener

“At the end of March 2015, our son Tim was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. We were unable to do the walk that year but have been participating since 2016. Tim had 80% of the tumour removed, followed by radiation and aggressive chemotherapy. He is unable to work but has been able to keep busy around their house and enjoying their two border collies. Tim’s wife, Connie, works as a PSW and has done an amazing job handling all the changes in their lives. We look forward to this 6th year of the Brain Tumour walk.”
Vicki, London

“De toutes les personnes atteintes de tumeur cérébrale. J’ai eu un diagnostic de GBM en novembre 2020. Depuis je combat cette maladie au jour le jour avec beaucoup d’ESPOIR.”
Stéphane, Montréal

“In May 2020, my legend of a mother was diagnosed with a 3cm high grade glioblastoma. I immediately did a deep dive into researching our situation & discovered the 2020 Brain Tumour Walk. My partner and I joined the North Bay Walk and fundraised more than we expected. The walk was therapeutic for me, it helped my grief and made me feel like I was doing something to help. My mother passed away on August 5th, a little over two months after diagnosis. I will be doing this walk in her memory, to raise funds to research & subsequently/hopefully improve the time those afflicted have. Thank you for all you do!!!”
Ingela, North Bay

“My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2019. It was the hardest period of my life. Glad my family was around. My mom was successfully tumour free after her surgery. I will be walking in honour of her and all the people who helped her get through it including doctors, nurses, PSWs, family and friends.”
Stephanie, Ottawa

“I am a member of the Neurosurgery staff at the Health Sciences Centre. Myself and my team are walking in honour of our patients past, present and future!”
Tessa, Paradise NL

“Erin was raised in Davidson, Saskatchewan and the best mom, daughter, sister, and community member you could ever know. Her positivity and kindness flowed over to everyone. She was always concerned about others when she was struggling with her own health. I miss her beautiful smile and happiness shown to all. I think of her and her beautiful family always, especially during my walk today.”
Marie, Saskatoon

“We are walking in honour of P.J. P.J was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour in January of this year. He has been at Toronto Western Hospital since March under the care of an incredible team. We are extremely grateful for the care P.J has been receiving. With money raised for research in brain tumours it could be lifesaving for a loved one! Please donate, it could change someone’s life! #EndBrainTumours”
Jamie, Sudbury

“I am walking in honour of my sister Ashley to help find the cause of and a cure for brain tumours while improving the quality of life for those affected.”
Lori, Sydney

“My Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma in March 2021. Our entire world has been flipped upside down. My Mom is the glue of our family, and this is the hardest thing we have ever had to deal with. We continue to take it one day at a time and would love nothing more than to take this horrible disease away from her. Nobody should ever have to go through this. She has been so positive and strong throughout her treatments, and it is truly inspiring.”
Vittoria, Toronto

“For the past 15 years, my family has participated in the Brain Tumour Walk. Two days after finding out that I was pregnant with our family’s first grandchild, my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The following day he had surgery and today, he is married, has a child of his own, has a pilot’s license and enjoys a healthy life. We continue to walk every year, to share our beautiful story and to help others gain hope, and eventually have the same story of survival as ours.”
Chantal, GTA

“My Mom had a large tumour removed in 2008. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has given her, and our family so much to be thankful for.”
Hunter, Victoria

“Je marche pour moi et les autres qui sommes atteints du gliome diffus du tronc cérébral ! Cela fait bientôt 8 ans que je survis à cette tumeur. J’ai beaucoup reçu durant les dernières années et j’aimerais redonner !”
Angelica, Québec City

“Like every year, I am walking in honour of my beloved Dad, Rick. But this year something has changed. Just yesterday we found out that my cousin’s eldest boy, Micah, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I know that stats are never good for kids who receive this diagnosis and, to be honest, I’m scared. My dad got better, as you know. So, this year, I’m walking in hope for Micah, with prayers at every step.”
Elise, Windsor

“When I was 15 & 17, I was diagnosed with a non-malignant tumour. I’m a health reporter and actor, and a young actor from my hometown died a few months ago. I’m walking to honour and show brain tumours don’t discriminate. I’m walking in honour of him and all survivors and people who’ve lost their lives to brain tumours.”
Tammy, Winnipeg

“I’m walking in memory of my incredibly strong sister, Mo. She travelled her journey in a way that inspired many. Her legacy will live on!”
Melanie, Yellowknife