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We recommend that you tell people why you are participating in a Brain Tumour Walk. Your personal stories make a huge difference. If you are looking for some inspiration to get people to join you or donate, these examples below might help. You can also download the custom assets further below to assist with your social post. All downloads will be a compressed folder, that you merely open to get access to the image.

Join my team:

I’ve registered for a Brain Tumour Walk. I’m going to walk my way to #EndBrainTumours. Join me! Together we will help brain tumour patients and survivors live longer, better, and with hope.

[Link to Fundraising page] #BrainTumourWalk @BrainTumourFdn #EndBrainTumours

Please donate to my page:

I’m walking my way to raise funds for @braintumourfdn. Together, we help Canadians affected by brain tumours live longer, better, and with hope.

Support my way to #EndBrainTumours with a donation today!

[Link to Fundraising page] #BrainTumourWalk

Please donate to my team:

We must #EndBrainTumours. Please donate. With every dollar you give, YOU make it possible for research to advance, support to bring hope, and advocacy to make change.

[Link to Fundraising page] #BrainTumourWalk @BrainTumourFdn

Why it’s important:

27 people each day hear the words: “You have a brain tumour”. I’m walking my way so that @BrainTumourFdn can offer support. Donate today and together we will #EndBrainTumours.

[Link to Fundraising page] #BrainTumourWalk

Join me:

I will join thousands of Canadians to walk my way in a #BrainTumourWalk. We walk with a united goal – to #EndBrainTumours. Please join me or donate. Together we will make a difference.

[Link to Fundraising page] @BrainTumourFdn

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    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Go to your profile and click your photo to update it.
    2. Click “Add a Frame”
    3. Search for: “Brain Tumour Walk”
    4. Select the Frame
    5. Click “Use as Profile Picture”