Brain Tumour Walk Photo Gallery

Brain Tumour Walk Photo Gallery
Check out our Brain Tumour Walk Photo Gallery here for snapshots of previous events.

Behind every captured moment is a story of celebration, remembrance, and hope. Thank you for sharing your memories with us! If you would like to be part of our photo gallery, please send in your Brain Tumour Walk photos to

Previous Cup of Hope Recipients

Cup of Hope
The Cup of Hope is awarded annually to the top Brain Tumour Walk fundraising team in Canada. Your team name, city, and winning year will be engraved on the trophy!  All members of the winning team will also receive a “Top Team” badge to wear proudly at next year’s event. The winning team will keep the trophy for one year, in their city, to celebrate their incredible accomplishment!   After the year is over, the “Cup of Hope” will be up for grabs as all Brain Tumour Walk teams across Canada compete to hold the winning title of Top Fundraising Walk Team of Canada!  

2021 – Greater Vancouver Regional District – Team Tayler

Congratulations to Captain James Hutton and his Team Tayler, for being the 2021 Cup of Hope recipient!

They raised an amazing $34,000, on behalf of James’ daughter, Tayler.

2020 – Sault Ste Marie – Brain Stormers

In the Sault Ste. Marie home of Kyleigh Provenzano, the coveted Cup of Hope sits high on a shelf, safely away from the hands of three curious little girls.

Provenzano led the nation in fundraising for the 2020 Virtual Brain Tumour Walk, bringing in nearly $40,000 for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and creating a local movement in the process.

Brain Stormers

2019 - Hamilton-Niagara - Team Hayden

Eyes might be the window to the soul, but in Hayden’s case, they were telling her Mom that something was seriously wrong with her baby. Hayden’s Mom, Candice, is forever grateful to the ER physician who spotted her brain tumour and the health care professional team who subsequently saved her eyesight. Candice is now advocating for every parent to look to the eyes.

Hayden's Story

2018 - Toronto - Team Stephanie

Stephanie knows how difficult treating a rare brain tumour can be all too well. At age 38, the mother of twins was diagnosed with an extremely rare and inoperable brain tumour – a rosette-forming glioneuronal tumour that little is known about, and cannot be removed due to its location.

This reality does not stop Stephanie from her tireless advocacy or incredible fundraising efforts.

Team Stephanie